Bed Bug Control

Nobody wants to have these in their bed. As you may know, reports of these have been increasing. If you think that they are invading your home you should give us a call today.

Unfortunately, unlike ants, you can’t ignore this one. Once you’ve been infested, they aren’t going to go away until an exterminator removes them.

Bed bugs feed on humans, usually while they sleep. Their pierce skin with a sharp piece of their mouth . They cut through the tissue to find blood vessels for feeding. They usually feed on blood for 5 minutes and then go back to their hiding place.

It’s unlikely that you’ll find these themselves. They are great at hiding. They usually hide in small, dark crevices near your bed. If you discover blood spots on your bed sheets then you probably have a bug problem. Another way people discover them is if you find yourself covered in small bites or are itching a lot.

Bed Bug Treatments

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